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Detention Facility Frequently Asked Questions
What are the visitation rules?
Rules for Visitors during Visiting
Does the Jail allow contact visits?
How does the Jail phone system work?
How do I mail something to an inmate?
How can I drop off money for an inmate?
An inmate is sending me money, when will it arrive?
I’d like to pay for a Cash Bond or Fines for an inmate. Can I do that at the Jail?
What type of property can I leave for an inmate?
Can I bring in reading material for an inmate?
I think someone I know is in Jail, how can I verify they are there?
Someone I know is in Jail. When are they going to court?
I have a message I want to get to an inmate. How can I do that?
I have some food I would like to give the inmates. Is that allowed?
How do I get to the Menominee Tribal Detention Facility?