Menominee Tribal Police
Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin
Menominee Tribal Police
Menominee Tribal Police Patch
Menominee Tribal Police Patch

The concept behind the insignia of the Menominee Tribal Police Department was to represent Mamāceqtāw “The People” by using the five Ancestral Clans of the Menominee, Ancestral Bear, Golden Eagle, Wolf, Moose and Crane. The Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin are an Algonquin speaking people and the oldest living residents, going back 10,000 years, in a place that is now called Wisconsin. The People received their name Menominee, “Wild Rice People”, from neighboring Algonquin relatives. The Menominee culture formed a Clan system to address issues vital to the survival of the community. Our culture is the origin of how the clans came to exist, their order, and their function within the society.

  • Ancestral Bear Clan - (Awösaeh) – were the speakers for The People and keepers of the law.
  • Golden Eagle or Thunderer Clan - (Kenēw)- administered justice and freedom.
  • Wolf Clan - (Mahwöw)- were excellent hunters and gatherers.
  • Moose Clan - (Mōs)- administered individual and community security.
  • Crane Clan - (Otöciah)- were constructors and architects.

The wild rice of the emblem signifies our identity amongst our Algonquin relatives and a staple food for The People. The green color represents Koh-kho-mase-kenah our Mother the Earth. According to our legends, one of the gifts Maeqnapus gave the Leader of the Bear Clan was wild rice. “Wild rice will grow forever in abundance and nourish The People”. The Medicine Wheel represents our never ending circle of life. The colors used are red, white and blue which represent the Nation. The Eagle Feathers represent four of the directions we follow in our lives. The Sky Blue represents Noq-neah Kesick our Father the Sky.

The emblem for the Menominee Tribal Police Department was created by our own Sergeant Richard Irving. Richard is a combat veteran of the United States Marine Corps and a member of the Ancestral Bear Clan. True to his character, and the responsibilities of his Clan, Richard now “Protects and Serves” our community as a Menominee Tribal Police Officer.