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Online Complaint Form

The best way to file a complaint on the Menominee Tribal Police Department is to thoroughly fill out the next form. Please include the following information in your description of the event:
The day, date, time and exact location of the incident. The officer's name and physical description. Witnesses' names, addresses, and telephone numbers. License numbers for any vehicles involved in the incident. Any other evidence you feel may be important such as copies of citations and photographs. If you have injuries, include their nature and extent. If you are injured it is vitally important that you file your complaint as soon as possible so that photographs can be taken and medical records obtained quickly.

Anonymous complaints:
The METP does receive anonymous complaints. Anonymous complaints will be treated with the same importance as any other complaint; however, the Police Commission has determined that anonymous complaints cannot be sustained without additional evidence.

The Investigation Process:
A police misconduct complaint will be investigated. The investigation may include interviews of witnesses and officers, a review of police department records, policies and procedures, inspection of medical records and photographs, and legal analysis. Once the complaint has been completed it will be reviewed to ensure accuracy and consistency with BIA and Police Commission standards. All complaints will be considered for investigative purposes to protect the integrity of the department, its employees, and to install public confidence in the department.

Your Complaint Of Police Misconduct Makes a Difference:
We are aware that you feel strongly about your encounter with a police officer, or you would not have put in the effort to register a complaint. It is the policy of the Menominee Tribal Police Department that the integrity of the department and its employees be maintained through an internal system of investigation and review founded on objectivity, fairness, and justice. The department encourages community members to bring forward legitimate grievances regarding the conduct of employees. Every grievance will be investigated to protect the integrity of the department, so as to install public confidence in the agency. To report misconduct directly to the BIA Internal Affairs Division: Hotline: 1-855-469-7456 or email:

Complaint Procedure:
All formal complaints against Officers are immediately referred to the Chief of Police for investigation. Complaints against the Chief of Police are directed to the Police Commission. A copy of this complaint, if for misconduct, will be forwarded to the Bureau of Indian Affairs. You will be contacted regarding your complaint within thirty (30) days and be given the status of your complaint. Once the investigation is complete, the Chief of Police will contact you. If your complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction, you may request a meeting with the Chief of Police or the Police Commission to discuss this matter. Person(s) making false statements in their complaints may be in violation of Chapter 290-33 to 290-35 of the Menominee Tribal Code; “Resisting or Obstructing an Officer”, or other applicable laws or ordinances:


Includes without limitation knowingly giving false information to the officer or knowingly placing physical evidence with intent to mislead the officer in the performance of his or her duty, including the service of any summons or civil process.

Violations and penalties:
Whoever knowingly resists or obstructs an officer while such officer is doing any act in an official capacity and with lawful authority is guilty of resisting or obstructing an officer. Any person found in violation of Subsection A shall, on a first and subsequent offense, be sentenced to a jail term not to exceed nine months and/or be assessed a fine not to exceed $1,000.

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